Clearing out the Clutter — a Closer look at Salesforce Org Cleanup

“If you're lucky, everything in your org is perfectly documented, and all of your users are happy because the changes that they request can happen smoothly and quickly and safely.

But unfortunately, the reality is that most of us aren't that lucky. We live in the real world.”

In this webinar, Strongpoint team members Rick Roesler and Paul Staz take a deep dive into Salesforce cleanup. We look at several use cases for Strongpoint, and demonstrate how our product helps speed up and streamline your org.

Strongpoint is a powerful tool for cleaning up Salesforce, helping you run a faster, more efficient and error-free Org.

Learn how to use it to the fullest extent possible by exploring common scenarios and going step-by-step through the process of cleaning up your Org with our experts.

Strongpoint is native to Salesforce. That’s really important, because it gives your team a set of tools that they already know how to use.
Tim Welsh