Flashlight Takes the Stress Out of NetSuite System Changes

In a fast-moving world, change is constant.

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But change can be complex. It can involve multiple parties. And it’s not always straightforward.

This is particularly true for companies using NetSuite, which involves many moving parts.

NetSuite’s ability to meet a company’s goals and operational needs hinges on making change quickly and safely. This allows a company to capitalize on opportunities while addressing challenges and problems.

One of the keys to success is having excellent and real-time insight into your NetSuite system. You need to know what’s happening, what changes are being made and, most importantly, the impact of these changes.

Given the pace of change, system documentation using manual methods don’t work. They are slow, cumbersome and error-prone.

If a company wants to make changes at the pace of business, their system documentation needs to be automated.

This is why we’re excited about Flashlight’s growing traction.

Powered by Strongpoint’s documentation engine, Flashlight is a powerful and cost-effective tool that makes life easier and less stressful for system administrators.

At its core, Flashlight automatically documents NetSuite systems. No more manual processes. No more “tribal knowledge” in which someone has all the information about system changes in their head.

Instead, Flashlight captures every change to a system: customizations, scripts, workflows, and fields, and how everything is connected.

Flashlight drives productivity, saves system administrators hundreds of hours of time troubleshooting and managing systems and does a lot of the heavy lifting.'

Flashlight delivers a complete picture of a system at a glance. Research literally takes seconds, not hours. Imagine the ability to know whether a change is safe to make instantly!

At the core of Flashlight is a user-friendly entity relationship diagram (ERD). In no time at all, you can visually see what else would be affected if something was changed.

No more guesswork. No more errors. With Flashlight, you’ll have the knowledge to make changes quickly and safely.

For anyone running a NetSuite system, knowledge is everything. The more you know about your system, the more agile, flexible and innovative you can be.

Flashlight helps companies move forward with confidence while allowing them to get the most out of their investments in NetSuite.

Ready to see first-hand how Flashlight can work for you? Sign up for a free 14-day trial.

Liam Gainey