Announcing Flashlight - Automated NetSuite Documentation for Everyone

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We are crazy excited to announce the launch of Flashlight.  

Flashlight is a new product from the team at Strongpoint aimed at helping the vast majority of NetSuite customers who want better tools to manage NetSuite but don't have regulatory or SOX compliance problems or large dev teams.  It automatically documents and monitors your NetSuite account. It is simple to install, easy to use and a great time saver and stress reliever for NetSuite Admins and Business Analysts at companies of all sizes.  It is also incredibly affordable.Flashlight is based on the same award-winning documentation engine as Strongpoint.  It will automatically document your NetSuite account and enable you to visualize the dependencies in your account simply and easily so you can answer questions such as:

  • If I change this, what will break

  • This isn't working - why?

  • Is there anything going on in our account that I should be concerned about?  

You can update your documentation at any time at the push of a button.  We recommend that you update once a week but you can do it as often as you like.  If you need continuously updated documentation for compliance or high speed DevOps, our Strongpoint product line is a better choice.  But for most companies, Flashlight is the right choice or at least a great way to get started.

Flashlight also monitors key changes in your NetSuite account and identifies areas for potential improvement. Critical changes to customizations and user roles or permissions are alerted so you can spot them and stay on top of them.  You can monitor them using our powerful dashboard and weekly update emails.

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Flashlight is crazy affordable.  The introductory pricing is $299/month for unlimited users and, if you pre-register before the end of SuiteWorld, we will give you a further 20% off in your first year.  Why so low?  We want every NetSuite admin to have access to the same tools we would want day to day.  If you need to clean up your account, manage change or achieve regulatory compliance, reach out to us about our other Strongpoint products.  They are also worth every penny.

So pre-register for a free trial of Flashlight now.  Initially, we will only allow a handful of companies at a time to trial Flashlight so that we can optimize your experience.  Act now to reserve your spot and the special SuiteWorld pricing.  If you move quickly, you could have a perfectly documented NetSuite account by next week!