How to Troubleshoot a broken workflow in under a minute.

No one likes Mondays. Murphy’s Law is pretty clear that if your car can break down or the subway get delayed, it will happen. It will also probably happen on a Monday.

What else might happen on Monday morning is that one of your NetSuite users comes to you complaining that ABC workflow isn’t working anymore, although it seemed fine last week.  


What could have gone wrong between Friday afternoon and now?? Plenty of things, unfortunately. And identifying what the culprit is this time is no easy task. Change logs in NetSuite will sometimes tell the tale, but they’re often incomplete and won’t reveal the problem. 

Determining exactly how a workflow was changed and why that change caused the current problem may not even be the hardest part. It really gets tricky when it was something related to that workflow that changed, like a saved search that the workflow uses.

It’s no way to start a Monday and it’s no fun at any other time either. But every admin has to deal with this on occasion. It can take hours or days to sort out while other projects pile up.

Flashlight can get you to the root of the problem in under 60 seconds by showing you what was deleted on Friday as well as what was modified on Friday. If the workflow itself isn’t on the lists, it will almost certainly show up as connected to one of the deleted/modified objects on the list.

Knowing exactly what was changed will get you 90% of the way to fixing the workflow issue in just a few clicks. And if nothing connected to that workflow changed, you’ve eliminated 90% of the most likely causes for the workflow breaking and you can turn your attention to user roles and permissions for the cause.

 It’s also key to remember that monitoring your Flashlight dashboard regularly will make you aware of these types of problems before a user even finds an issue, keeping you ahead of the curve!

Liam Gainey