Strongpoint for NetSuite 5.6 Release Preview!

5.6 is all about increasing efficiency, ease of use and improved visibility into changes within your system. Simplification initiatives for Change Requests and menus provides easier navigation, usability and a streamlined process. Impact Analysis and the View ERD tool enhance the usability of the Jira integration. Increased granularity in policies, easy filtering of ERDs  and standard field improvements help you see and research changes and relationships in your account.

Sandbox Availability: January 4

Production Release Date: January 11


Increased Change Control Level of Granularity in Policies


The Policy Change Controls previously had a category called Other Changes. This category is now separated into fifteen new, specific controls providing you increased visibility into the changes happening in your system. Here is list of the Policy Change Controls (control indicates new):



Say goodbye to the bundler with release and rollback for NetSuite

Release 5.6 provides fast, secure and compliant NetSuite deployments from the IDE. There is no need to log in to NetSuite. This feature enables Administrators to efficiently migrate objects between accounts in compliance with approvals, and developers to release and deploy changes across one or more NetSuite environments within company policies and approvals. Communication between development and business users is even more transparent with all organizational dependencies and documentation available in the project.

Features available from the IDE:

  • Create a Deployment project and validate dependencies against Strongpoint documentation.

  • Download customizations from NetSuite to start the development or deployment process with an approved scope.

  • Perform impact analysis of the project customizations.

  • Create Deployment records to request approval.

  • Validate the existence, scope and approved status of deployment records.

  • Deploy the objects automatically.    


Navigate the Lean and Clean Strongpoint Menus

Simplified and personalized menus deliver the content you need in a clean, concise, organized format for simpler navigation. Strongpoint automatically hides menus for unlicensed modules and provides an easy interface for users to personalize their menus based on their role and tasks.

Yasu Fujita