FLODocs is now Strongpoint, New Brand Reflects Growth of Continuous Audit Software Suite


Same Company, Same Team, New Name

(Toronto, ON) FLODocs, a continuous change management and compliance platform for Salesforce and NetSuite, has rebranded to Strongpoint.

With over 180 customers across public and regulated sectors, Strongpoint is the fastest, safest, and most compliant solution for automated documentation, change management, and compliance in NetSuite and Salesforce systems. With automatic documentation for each customization, Strongpoint allows you to diagnose problems and make better decisions in minutes – not days and weeks. Strongpoint also watches changes to your system to ensure all changes are authorized and safe.

FLODocs started as an online documentation solution for Netsuite users – the name made sense at that time. Since then a number of capabilities have been added: systems change management, compliance reporting, financial controls, and integration with Salesforce.

Documentation is still a core part of the
business, and will continue to be, but it’s only a small part of the continuous audit suite now offered in Strongpoint.

“Today’s audit process is broken – it’s time consuming, stressful, and extremely manual – but it doesn’t have to be.” says Mark Walker, CEO of Strongpoint. “With Strongpoint, the heavy-lifting is taken care of. Our new tagline says it all – stress-free change management and compliance.”
“We’re the same company, same team, on an exciting new mission – with a new name: Strongpoint.” says Yasu Fujita, Chief Operating Officer of Strongpoint.

To learn more, visit strongpoint.io.

About Strongpoint

Used by hundreds of public and private companies, Strongpoint helps companies with Netsuite and Salesforce manage change in their systems, enabling them to drive growth and achieve SOX, FDA 21 CFR 11, ASC 606 and other compliance standards with confidence and certainty. Strongpoint replaces stressful, manual work with an expert system that automates change management to ensure system changes are always done predictably, correctly and safely.

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