Strongpoint Open Demo Series


Is your NetSuite or Salesforce account well documented?

Can you make changes with confidence that you have fully assessed the risk?

Are your approvals informed and efficient?

Are you following best practices when making changes?


If you answered NO, then you are in the majority and we can help. 

COME JOIN US in our Open Demo Series to take a quick sneak peak into our main product tiers offered by Strongpoint for either NetSuite or Salesforce! This series will give you the opportunity to look into our 3 different product tiers over the next 3 weeks, and we will show you how they can help your company be more productive.



Automated Documentation - Wednesday December 6

Register to learn:

  • How to have total transparency of your customizations by next week
  • Proactively avoid disruption by knowing all dependencies of your customizations
  • How to reduce risk by automating your impact analysis


Intelligent Change Management - Wednesday December 13

Register to learn:

  • How Strongpoint answers, “If I change this, what will break?”
  • How to add tremendous velocity to your project lifecycles
  • How to detect and manage non-compliant changes quickly and easily


Enterprise Compliance - Wednesday December 20

Register to learn:

  • How Strongpoint can make your Release Management quick and painless
  • How Environment Comparison will speed up your project lifecycles
  • Introduction to your new compliance best friend: Agent

Change is good

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