Strongpoint Introduces Stress-Free Change Management and Compliance for Salesforce


Salesforce Classic and Lightning Users Can Manage Risk and Compliance Faster and Safer with Strongpoint's Fully-Integrated Solution

Strongpoint announces that its stress-free change management and compliance suite is now available for companies running Salesforce, with Strongpoint’s class leading change management and compliance software fully-integrated within the Salesforce platform. Strongpoint’s product offerings include continuous documentation, change management, and compliance – delivering a stress-free continuous audit suite. With over 180 customers across public and regulated sectors, Strongpoint is the fastest, safest, and most compliant solution for your Salesforce system.

Tight change control is critical to protecting the vital processes and highly sensitive private information entrusted to Salesforce applications. Increasing compliance security standards require constant vigilance. Strongpoint automates each of the key steps saving companies unprecedented amounts of time and money.

“The way we do change management and compliance today is wrong – it’s time-consuming and extremely manual, when it doesn’t have to be.” says Mark Walker, CEO of Strongpoint. “Strongpoint is a stress-free solution that does the heavy lifting for you.”

Salesforce users – Classic or Lightning – can now achieve compliance faster and safer with Strongpoint’s complete audit suite. For more information and to book a demo, visit


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