About us

We were you – the person managing the ERP and CRM, the executive responsible for NetSuite or Salesforce, the consultant working to drive value. We know how hard it can be to accelerate change while maintaining control. We wanted to make that experience stress-free.

Our team is drawn from NetSuite, Salesforce, their leading customers and partners. We've helped over thousands of professionals take the stress out of change management and compliance by automating most of the critical tasks.

We'd love to help you next.


Strongpoint helps companies with Netsuite and Salesforce manage change in their systems at speed without sacrificing safety or compliance. 

We replace manual and stressful manual work and decisions based on tribal knowledge with an expert system that automates documentation, change management and compliance to ensure system changes are always done predictably, correctly and safely.

We help companies break through barriers by enabling citizen development to free critical dev and admin teams to focus on complex tasks.  Our software knits together Finance, IT and Internal Audit to form a tight, coordinated team.

With Strongpoint, change becomes a competitive asset so your systems can evolve at the speed of business.



Our Approach


Change is Constant

We believe change is constant.  We all need to focus on being great at it!

Strong Processes

We believe that strong processes are the key to doing things well at speed

Systematize the Predictable

We believe in systematizing the predictable so people can focus on doing the exceptional.

Good Defence is Offence

We believe the best offence is a good defence keeping you safe so you can push forward.


Our values


Simplicity and Clarity

We strive to simplify and clarify in our communication from what we write to what we say. It is our responsibility that the listener understands our message.


We operate with authenticity. It’s about being who we are and using our strengths to solve problems rather than looking at our limitations.

Common Ground

We identify opportunities to find common ground and goals. We strive to meet the needs of both parties to create something greater than the sum of its parts.


We behave with open intentions and actions in our business practices. We are empathetic to different views that challenge the status quo within and outside the organization.